Commercial Arbitration Training Courses - Optional

8 training hours (two hours per course)


2400 AED
600 AED/course

Trainers’ Profile

Dr. Rami Suleiman

Dr. Rami Suleiman is presently holding the position of General Secretary at the International Islamic Center for Reconciliation and Arbitration (IICRA), and has an extensive legal experience in Arbitration, Mediation, and Islamic Finance for more than 17 years. He had been legal advisor to many Islamic financial institutions across United Arab Emirates as well beyond. The University of Sharjah has awarded him the Best Innovative Banking Product of the Year Award.

Dr. Suzanne Abdallah

Dr. Suzanne Abdallah has graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Lebanese University in Beirut in 1998 and obtained a master’s degree (LLM) with distinction and PhD from United Kingdom in 2008. Dr. Suzanne handled all kinds of Litigation and  Arbitration Cases. She has also attended lots of professional training courses and seminars related to Arbitration and other types of litigation.  She is a partner at OGH Legal and has 17-year experience working in the Middle East and acts as counsel in a broad range of complex and international disputes in various sectors including real estate, construction, oil, and gas, IP & IT, Civil, Commercial, Banking, Arbitration and Maritime Law. Recently she was appointed as a Sole Arbitrator and Co-Arbitrator with IICRA in several disputes related to Islamic Finance.

Further, Dr. Suzanne is a part time Lecturer at Saint Joseph University and teaches Civil Law, E-Commerce law, Labor law, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Law.

Commercial Arbitration Training Courses - Optional

Introduction to Commercial Arbitration (10 October 2023)
  • Definition of Commercial Arbitration & its Scope
  • Types of Arbitration and its Advantages
  • Differences Between Arbitration and other Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Legal Ground for Arbitration
  • Arbitration Parties, Capacity & Proxies in Arbitration
  • Arbitration Agreement and its Forms (Arbitration Clause, Arbitration Agreement)
  • Professional Islamic Code of Ethics for Arbitrator Arbitration Fess & Expenses
Course of Arbitral Proceedings (10 November 2023)
  • Constitution of Arbitral Tribunal, Model of Arbitrator’s Mission Contract & Statement of Independence, Impartiality, and Disclosure
  • Revocation, Challenge & Replacement of Arbitrator
  • Notifications and Correspondence
  • Arbitration Language
  • Arbitration Deed
  • Arbitration Hearings & Principles of Drafting Minutes
  • Determining the Applicable, Procedural & Substantive Law
  • Skills of Lawyer & Legal Consultant in Arbitration 
  • Statement of Claims & Statement of Defense
Claims & Evidence in Arbitration (10 December 2023)
  • Jurisdiction of Tribunal & Theory of jurisdiction
  • Interim & Conservative Measures in Arbitration
  • Joinder & Intervention in Arbitration
  • Seeking Assistance from Experts
  • Counterclaim in Arbitration
  • Interrogation and Inspection
  • Testimony of Witnesses
  • Emergency Arbitration
Claims & Evidence in Arbitration ( 15 January 2023)
  • Nature of Final Award, its Effect & Validity
  • Reasoning of Arbitral Award and the principles of its drafting (Case Model).
  • Mechanism of Notification and Announcement of Arbitral Award 
  • Interpretation and Correction of Arbitral Award
  • Merits of Nullity of Awards and its Procedures 
  • International Conventions for the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 
  • Concept of Public Order in International Commercial Arbitration 
  • Ratification and Enforcement of Domestic Foreign Arbitral Award


BENEFICIARY: International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration
ADDRESS : Dubai-United Arab Emirates
ACCOUNT NO : 3707501714801
IBAN NO : AE650340003707501714801