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IICRA shall collect for each arbitration and conciliation case a non-refundable of USD 1000 (One Thousand US Dollar) for registrations fee.

Payment can be made:
By Cash or Cheque payable to “International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration” Should be sent to: IICRA Headquarter,107 Business Avenue Building,Deira, Dubai, P. O. Box 182222 UAE. Tel: +971 4 294 9292
By Bank transfer Company Name: International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration Bank Name: Emirates Islamic Bank Account Number/IBAN Number AED 3707501714801-AE650340003707501714801 USD 3707501714802-AE650340003707501714802 Swift Code: MEBLAEAD
Always inform the bank to quote our invoice number as the “reference” so proper credit can be applied to your account.

The party applying for Arbitration shall submit a request in writing to the Secretary-General which includes the following:

Name, Surname, Function, Nationality and Address of the person submitting the request.

Name, Surname, Function, Nationality and Address of the person submitting the request.

Report including the facts and evidence of the dispute, specifying the claimant’s demands.
Name of the chosen arbitrator or conciliator, if applicable.
Copies of the Arbitration or Reconciliation Clause/Agreement and all documents related to the dispute.
The Secretary-General shall ensure that the file presented by the claimant is complete with all the documents required to proceed with the Arbitration or Reconciliation procedures.

Otherwise, the party concerned shall be required to produce any missing documents.

Upon receiving the Request for Arbitration, the Secretary-General shall send an acknowledgement-of-receipt notice to the applicant. He shall also send a copy of the Arbitration Request, by registered mail with confirmation of receipt, to the other party of the dispute within seven days after receipt of the complete documents.

The IICRA keeps a database of arbitrators, experts and conciliators including their information in order to help the client to choose and nominate their arbitrator or conciliator. While the parties cannot access the database, IICRA will provide a list of potential arbitrator or conciliator suited to the circumstances of the case such as language skills and legal/industry experience.

The Award issued by the Arbitral Tribunal in accordance with IICRA procedures shall bind on both parties and may not be susceptible of cassation. The Arbitration Tribunal shall transmit to the Secretary-General a copy of its final award. He shall, therefore, help, as quite as possible to have the exequatur if required by the law of the country in which the award is rendered.

The Arbitral Tribunal shall deliver the original award to the Secretary-General for the registration, and for taking the necessary action as may be required pursuant to the law of the Head quarter’s country. In case the award has been rendered outside the UAE the same above procedures are applied and the winner has to approbate the decision from the competent court if required.

The Tribunal Secretariat shall send a copy of the ruling to each of the two parties via registered mail and with a returned confirmation of receipt within one week of the ruling.

The Ruling issued by the Arbitration Tribunal in accordance with these procedures shall be binding and final.


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